Restoring young women and girls dignity, self-esteem and confidence.

About Khanya Africa

Alone and Nowhere to Turn to

Khanya Africa is addressing the mental and sexual health challenges faced by young women and girls in the rural communities of Zimbabwe. These are girls that are excluded from the social mainstream and educational life.

The transition from child to teenager comes with a lot of drastic physical and mental changes. What happens when you have no one to support and guide you through this phase?

Stigma, childhood abuse, lack of access to strong personal support systems and services for the girl child in rural communities of Zimbabwe lead to anxiety, depression, withdrawal from society and suicides.

There is a need for communities and families to recognize the importance of counselling and sex education interventions in helping young women and girls with their mental and sexual health during their adolescent stages.

Mental health is still being overlooked, as few people realize the need for counselling when they face social and mental challenges.  A lot of communities in remote areas have not been reached and still have no access to information or resources

founder Khanya ,Mirranda Tiri standing with two girls who are holding the comic books created by Khanya.

What we do

Khanya Africa wants to give many girls the experience of free expression, self-development, and a support network through wilderness camps and creative spaces.

Comic books in a row titled whats? the secret
Khanya Africa beneficiaries

At one of the workshops held by Khanya Africa, participants played a game that emphasized a lot on team work, supporting , critical thinking and unity at the same time. With different age groups present , the activity was interesting as they found ways of trying to unknot the circle.