About us

Our Vision

we aim to create a society that is open and supportive of the girl child’s sexual and mental health.

Our Mission

To give young women and girls the experience of free expression, self-development, and a support network through wilderness camps, creative spaces, and livelihood promotion.


Mirranda Tiri ,from Zimbabwe is the founder of Khanya Africa.

Sexual abuse, abandonment by family, and withdrawal from society marred my childhood. The only window of relief was ages nine to fourteen, with much time spent in the wild with my parents. My mother’s death thereafter, puberty, and getting chased out of home could have spelled the end of my life. But I did not let my circumstances define my future… And neither should any other young woman. 


Our philosophy

  • Understanding and embracing the changes that occur at every developmental stage .
  • Stepping into adulthood with joy and dignity 
  • Encouraging open conversations that challenge stigma and discrimination.
  • Integrating mental health into our daily lives.

Our values

  • Courage
  • Boldness 
  • Dignity