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Mirranda Tiri, founder of Khanya speaks to young women and girls  on a call to action challenging the status quo and taking back their places in society. She believes that there is power in togetherness and letting our voices be heard.

A portrait picture of Mirranda Tiri, founder of Khanya Africa



In Zimbabwe, mental wellness and sexual reproductive health of the girl child are linked to stigma, myths, and misconceptions. Because of this as well as cultural and religious beliefs, especially girls from strongly patriarchal communities with no personal support system are vulnerable.

blog post picture with Mirranda carrying out session for participants

kanthari blog
Amid a network of like-minded people – Mirranda Tiri – Zimbabwe

The blog was written by Sabriye Tenberken, the co-founder of kanthari,India


Founder of khanya africa on stage
kanthari talks, uploaded on Youtube